Attorney Saldo to Represent Injured Ex-Mission Prep Football Player

San Luis Obispo Personal Injury Attorney Steven L. Saldo of Saldo Law Group will represent an ex-Mission Prep football player who was injured during practice after coaches allegedly encouraged dangerous helmet-to-helmet contact, leaving him with a concussion and a brainstem stroke.

According to a lawsuit filed by the plaintiff and his parents against the school, the player who caused the injury and his parents, the coaches, and multiple other defendants, the issue started after the plaintiff had allegedly gotten the best of the team captain at practice during an offensive lineman and linebacker drill in 2013. The defendant player, who was ridiculed by coaches for losing to the then-sophomore plaintiff, was instructed to perform the drill again. The second time, however, the defendant used his helmet to smash into the vulnerable plaintiff’s head, ensuring he would win.

Upon seeing the dangerous hit, the team’s coach did not discipline the defendant player at all, but instead commented “That’s how you do it.” The drill was then repeated several more times, causing the plaintiff to suffer repeated blows to the head. After experiencing symptoms for several days, the plaintiff was rushed to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton and was diagnosed with several severe injuries, including a concussion, a brainstem stroke, sensory deficits, headaches, pain walking, and difficulty breathing and swallowing.

In addition, the plaintiff reportedly received several taunting and bullying messages from students over the incident, organized by the defendant. The defendant’s mother, nor the school principal, wished to comment on the matter.

California Laws on Helmet-to-Helmet Contact

The type of contact alleged in the lawsuit has been illegal in high school and prep football for several years, with state legislators having recently passed a law which places limits the amount of hours high school teams can practice tackling and requires players who suffer concussions to stay on the bench for at least a week to recover. Likewise, concussions caused by helmet-to-helmet contact have also made a considerable stir within recent years over their connection to the recently-discovered condition known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that can develop in individuals who are exposed to repeated head trauma.

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